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The company is engaged mainly in the provision of complex supplies of investment construction in the field of ecological burdens from the design of the solution, the project, the discussion of the construction management from the complete subcontracting of the units to the delivery of the whole construction. A detailed listing of successfully completed construction is available in the "Download" section below. Download: Reference Sheet

Application of BLC Level Gauges - Maldives

Application of BLC level gauges on the Maldives Atoll named Fushivelavar, in the private Velaa resort. We use the level gauges to measure the levels of stored fuel (gasoline, diesel).

The realization was carried out by LCGROUP s.r.o.


p1000050 p1000229 p1000264 p1000288


p1000295 p1000315 p1000319 p1000298



Mounting the 9m level sensor tube


trubka 9m 1 trubka 9m 2 trubka 9m 3 trubka 9m 4





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