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About us

Ekorex-Consult, spol. s r.o.


The Czech company Ekorex-Consult spol. s r.o. is a major manufacturer of new generation of actuators with intelligent controllers, level sensors and high-precision engineering components manufactured to order.

The company Ekorex-Consult, spol. s r.o. is an important world-wide manufacturer of underport and sideport burners, including accessories for glass melting units. At the same time, it is a supplier of complete heating systems for these natural gas and propane furnaces, including measuring, safety and control series. This manufacturing program is exclusively supplied for FlammaTec spol. s r.o., Vsetin, CZ.

As a holder of quality certificates and process quality management systems certification (IQ NET No. CZ-102/2018, CQS 102/2018), in cooperation with CQS and SZÚ Brno, it participates in the development and research of applications of modern technologies and products in the field, their laboratory testing and certification of processes according to standards and directives ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and ČSN EN ISO in connection with ČSN EN ISO3834-2:2006.

In carrying out its own activities, the company emphasizes minimization of environmental impacts, prevention of accidents and ensuring a safe and health-friendly work environment.

The aim of our company is to provide quality services and products in accordance with customer requirements. Our endeavour is to create, maintain and develop relationships with customers, suppliers and the public.


The company Ekorex-Consult, spol. s r.o. was established in 1992 with a focus on business activities.

In 2001 it took over the manufacture of its own products in the area of measurement and control historically associated with the EKOREX brand. In 2006, the company started production of relays for Tyco Electronic at the Nová Paka branch. This cooperation was terminated in 2019.

In 2001, the company received the first certification of the company's quality management system according to EN ISO 9000:1994.  In 2003 the certification was extended to welding. The company received the “Large Certificate of Qualification” and “Welding Quality Certificate” from TDS Brno. In 2009, the company implemented transition to new ISO quality management systems and it received CQS and IQ NET certificates (ISO 9001:2006).

Ekorex-Consult Company has been twice successful within the OPPP INNOVATION grant programs. For the first time between 2006 and 2009, with the help of the grant received, it innovated production and logistic means and processes within the implementation of a new product line of actuators and level sensors with the aim to increase the overall quality of new products and efficiency of the production process.

For the second time between 2011 and 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the product range has been revived with actuators with intelligent controllers, with re-innovated liquid level meters and other components for significant environmental constructions and for explosive aggressive environments in power engineering, petrochemical industry and nuclear power plants, in heating plants, agriculture and food industry. Within this project, another state-of-the-art production technology was acquired and the company's production, storage and shipping facilities were also significantly expanded.

In 2008, the company in cooperation with FlammaTec spol. s r.o., Vsetín, CZ started production of underport and sideport burners for glass melting units. This production program is exclusively supplied for that company, the end customers are from all over the world (China, Brazil, India, France, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Turkey, USA, Czech Republic, …). In 2017, that production was expanded of accessories for glass melting units and deliveries of complete heating systems for those natural gas and propane furnaces, including measuring, safety and control series.

With the significant expansion of that production it was necessary to improve the technological background of the company. As part of the project “Support of vocational training of employees”, which was financed from the European Social Fund in 2018–2019, the production technical preparation workers received professional training in reading and drawing technical documentation and in programming of CNC machines. The company acquired the Solid Edge Foundation 3D drawing program and Solid Edge CAM Pro 2.5 xis Milling add-on, Solid Edge CAM Pro 3 Axis Milling add-on, and Solid Edge CAM Pro Turning add-on programs. With the purchase of that technology, all CNC machines were networked and connected to the CAD/CAM system.

Along with the strengthening of the technological background, an additional building of the dispatch store for the needs of assembly and shipping of products for FlammaTec Company was realized.

The company currently employs around 40 highly qualified workers.


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