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Ekorex-Consult, spol. s r.o.
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About us

Company history

The Ekorex-Consult, spol. s r.o. company started its activities in the time of its creation (1992) in the rented premises with a focus on business activities.

In 1999 the company rented additional office, storage, production and shipping premises, which it purchased later in 2001, started a production of its own products.

By the Decree of the Industrial Property Office -number 193071, the company gained a trademark EKOREX.

In 2001 the company was certified in the quality management system by DET NORSKE VERITAS according to the standard EN ČSN 9000:1994.

This standard was in 2003 upgraded to the standard EN ISO 9001:2000.

In 2003 the company obtained the "Certificate of Competency" and the "Certificate of Quality Welding„ W-OJ-155 –the year of issue 2003 by TDS Brno.

All the company's products have their own product certificates issued by authorized laboratories.

In 2006 the company took over the production of the Karten Relays for the Tyco Electronic Company in the Nova Paka branch.

In 2006, the company received a grant under the OPPI, INNOVATION II.

Quality Policy

The basic aim of our company is to fully satisfy customer’s needs by the first-class products and by the high quality services.

Each year the management of the company sets Quality Objectives as the required values of the specified criteria, according to which the main processes in the company are monitored.

These indicators are primarily focused on increasing the labour productivity and the products quality, on reducing the overall production costs, reducing the spoilage, optimizing delivery schedules and measuring the customer satisfaction.

The Ekorex-Consult, spol. s r.o. Company's quality policy is to be a modern and prosperous company, which occupies an important place in the sphere of the production of the actuators and devices for the measurement and regulation with an effort to stabilize this position in the Czech market and a more significant penetration into the European market.

Following the acquisition of the first-class CNC machining technology the Ekorex Company is simultaneously looking for new business partners for the cooperation in the metalworking field.

The level of the introduced quality system is regularly evaluated and it is guided to continuous improvement.

The company during its activities puts emphasis on minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our goal is to maintain, create and develop new relationships with customers, suppliers and the public.

Increased attention is paid to products that can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Ekorex-Consult, Ltd. - factory Lázně Bohdaneč
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